Expert Tip – My Quick and Efficient System for Screening and Commenting on Blogs

If you read my previous expert tip, “The Secret to Generating Tons of FREE High-Quality Inbound Links – The Right Way!”, you know that I comment on a lot of blogs. If I didn’t have a simple, efficient system for screening large numbers of blogs, and an orderly system for commenting on them, I could spend all day just keeping up, and my own sites would never updated.

Garritt’s Sure-Fire Blog Comments System

Step 1 – Pick a single topic for the day. Chose a topic that is relevant to your site. If you have just written a great post on “Social Marketing Using Facebook”, that is a great place to start.

Step 2 – Do a search for blogs on that topic. I will share my four favorite resources for finding blogs on every subject.

  • Google – Not just great for finding blogs – great for finding EVERYTHING!
  • – Tons of blogs, on every topic, many with VERY high PageRank scores.
  • – Just blogs, and the newest content. Technorati allows blog owners to “ping” them with new content, so the search results tend to be very recent posts.
  • Google Blogsearch – The power of Google search, dedicated to blogs. Nothing more to say – simply the best!

Step 3 – Quickly screen the results, and open anything that looks like it might be a prospect, in a new tab. I commonly open at least ten tabs at a time. Note: This method is not feasible without a browser that supports tabbed browsing. I highly recommend using Firefox or Safari. Both browsers are available for Windows or Macs, and both support speedy tabbed browsing. To open each link in a new tab, Windows users, hold the Control (CTRL) key when you click each link. Mac users, hold the Command (CMD) key when you click each link. Note: on some Mac keyboards, the Command key has an Apple or Cloverleaf symbol on it.

Step 4 – Quickly skim each blog entry. If a blog entry doesn’t meet your requirements (see RULE #2), or isn’t relevant, close the tab and move on. Only leave a tab open if you intend to comment on that blog post.

Step 5 – Once you have screened each blog, start at the last tab, read that blog post and comment on it. As you finish your comments, close each tab and move to the next.

Remember to keep track of how many posts you have commented on. If you need to repeat these steps, then do so (Remember Rule #1).

One last note: Don’t be afraid to subscribe to sites. Chances are, if they have good content, you will be back. Just remember your login info, so you don’t have to create a new profile each time you want to comment on that site. I like to email myself all of my new account information. It is very easy to search your email for the name of the site, and recall your login information.

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